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episode 010

What Amenities Bring The Most Value To Your Multifamily Property?

This week we talk with Shane Thomas of Catalyst Equity Partners about how he uses resident feedback...

episode 009

Are You Struggling To Track Performance At Your Multifamily Property?

This week we discuss how to use simple Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to help you quickly...

episode 008

Are Spiking Expenses Creating A Profit Squeeze At Your Multifamily Property?

This week we talk about why having happy onsite staff is key to increasing your operating profits...

episode 007

Operating For Profit Means Operating With Empathy

Learn why putting your renter's hat on will turn your apartment property into a profit machine.This...

episode 006

Is your Multifamily Property Suffering from a Lack of Prospect Traffic?

The greatest leasing team in the world can’t rent your unit if they have no one to sell to.


Here’s Why your Property’s Website is Losing You Money.

When a customer is ready to buy, you need to be ready to sell.

Today we talk with Robert Turnbull,...

episode 004

Are You Overpaying Uncle Sam at your Multifamily Property?

Knowing when to capitalize an expense and when not to can help you minimize taxes and maximize your...

episode 003

Are You Struggling with High Employee Turnover at Your Apartment Property?

Happy onsite staff are essential to maximizing sustained profitability and increased resident...

episode 002

Is Your Multifamily Property Wasting Money on Advertising that Doesn't Convert?

Is your multifamily property wasting money on advertising that doesn't convert?

Your biggest...